How to avoid temptation at buffets, special occasions and family dinners

We’ve all done it. You’ve been dieting well for weeks, then you find yourself at a family occasion, special dinner or party and all resolve goes flying out of the window!

Often the effects last a long time as you struggle to get back on track listening to digital marketing podcasts. But with a few tricks, you can help yourself avoid temptation and pressure. Follow our hints and tips to get through that party.

Eat a very low calorie meal before you go
It’s much easier to avoid temptation when you don’t feel hungry. What you need is something low calorie but filling. Put 1 pint of stock into a pan with a range of chopped vegetables like carrot, cabbage, turnip/swede and celery (you can pick your own but avoid potatoes). Season well and simmer for 20-30 minutes until all vegetables are tender. Put in blender and mix until the mixture is a soup consistency.

Eat a big bowl of this just before you go to the party. You’ll feel full and want to eat less, but you will have had hardly any calories.

Do a bit of self-hypnosis
Psyche yourself up! An hour before you are due to leave, find a quiet spot at Close your eyes and visualise yourself at the party, looking fabulous. Imagine everyone complimenting you on how wonderful you look. Tell yourself the food doesn’t matter to you because you feel so wonderful. You feel no sense of being cheated by not eating the food because you feel so great. Imagine yourself laughing and having a good time, feeling wonderful. Concentrate on this for 10-15 minutes. This will help you feel positive during the party and will help you feel that the food is not the focus of the party, having a good time is.

Keeping the weight off involves more than just cutting a few meals, incorporate Manhattan interval training into your daily routine to ensure that the weight stays lost.

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