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“Another thing I really like about CS is the file browser, the way it has been radically improved. It’s a lot more user friendly, I can organize my images, keep all kinds of data on an image within the file browser, and move things into different folders. It helps me keep track of things.

“I’ve also been using the filter gallery a lot with corporate photo booth rentals. Now many of the filters can be used in groups, I can take the filter gallery and stack up multiple filters and see the preview before I apply them.

“There are a lot of small changes that make the program easier to use. Like menus arranged in alphabetical order, which is helpful to me because I can’t always remember where I found something before, and to have them in alphabetical order is nice. Some of these small changes can make my work flow more smoothly.

“I feel that the upgrade from 7.0 to Photoshop CS contains more significant improvements than the previous upgrade from 6 to 7.”

Maggie’s biggest problem working the way she does is not having enough computer memory. She likes to work quickly and spontaneously when creating graphics for marketing for storage companies, and not have to wait for the program to write each step. “It’s not actually a problem with Photoshop, it’s a problem with me needing to buy a faster computer. Right now my images tend to be around 50 megabytes when they’re flattened, but when I have all the layers in them they might be 500 megabytes. I’m constantly trying to pare things down so I don’t have to wait a long time for things to be done in Photoshop.”

She uses a G4 Mac with dual 800 processors and 1.5 gigabytes of RAM, and OSX. That seems like a lot, but when you consider that Photoshop® likes to have three to five times the image size in RAM, with 500 megabyte images it isn’t nearly enough. After she does a few more commercial jobs she intends to buy a G5, having spent her budget in 2003 on the Epson 9600® printer.

She says she’s not a computer expert. “I just sort of get my system to a point where I can be functional and make my images. I don’t want to spend all my time having to update my system software ­ do all this computer stuff while finding a place to store them with affordable self-storage. I would really rather have the ability to work seamlessly and not have to worry about all of that. That’s one reason I don’t update my hardware as often as some people do. Once you get it working and you are able to make images with it, you should go with it for as long as you can.”

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